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We were originally brought in to work with LEGOLAND through one of our PR clients, but they were so happy with the results that they asked us to become their video agency for PR and UK-based communications.


Since 2009 we have filmed a wide array of fun and interesting launches, special occasions, workshops, awards and promo films at LEGOLAND Windsor and their partners including Thorpe Park in Surrey.

Among the films, interview and presenting services we’ve provided, we’ve helped them to launch many millions of pounds of new attractions including Atlantis, Chima 4D, and the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel.


We’ve helped LEGOLAND to sell many tens of thousands of pounds of their new products, but the film below for the launch of their Resort Hotel produced 2000% ROI on the cost of the film within 2 weeks in click throughs from their Resort mini site – a staggering figure – but one that is quite common among our clients in the corporate, entertainment and charity sectors. Three years later, it still greets hundreds of guests every week as they walk through the doors to pick up their keys.

And before you leave, here’s what happened at the Chima 4D launch:



We’ve provided live webinar and video production services to Vodafone since 2010.

They’ve briefed us through our other clients and direct to write, present, film and stream public and internal content on industry sectors as varied as mobile commerce, telematics, smart metering and digital & social marketing.

Fundamental to this work, as with many other clients, has been to introduce audiences to Vodafone’s many B2B services with dynamic high quality delivery. Often, these services were previously unknown to some viewers.


Our work for Vodafone has been watched by thousands of business leaders globally in a range of industries.

Initial budgets for our work has started small: of the order of around £1K up to £5K for each mini project. These small fees have produced immense potential returns on investment, and also cost Vodafone less than many other content suppliers would insist on – allowing them to be more sustainable as part of their B2B marketing campaigns.

It’s led to direct leads and data gathering, and crucially has provided viewers and stakeholders with valuable insights into Vodafone’s work, as well as its partners – and the excellent feedback from the varied content points to valuable leveraging of Vodafone’s B2B brand.





FIS are the largest financial technology company in the world.

We’ve worked with FIS since 2012 on a wide range of projects to promote and translate their work to the banks and payments industries.


Our work has included:

  • Multiple webinars covering data, customer experience, mobile, channel strategy and much more from the London Stock Exchange
  • Production with our secure business player to offer analytics-driven thought leadership to FIS’s clients worldwide
  • Chairing and producing content for a global banking and payments audience from their international client conference – which was highly praised and used to promote their innovative solutions to clients and new banking entrants in one of the most rapidly changing times for the banking and payments industry.



Greenscreen is the only independent content supplier that FIS trusts to provide a range of editorial, production and event services. Our work has been highly regarded, and after 3 years we continue to grow our relationship based completely on merit and results.



It’s probably easier to pick out areas that we haven’t worked on with the BBC, either as independent producers or as senior members of staff at the corporation and other broadcasters (more on ‘Sky’ and ‘ITV’).


At the BBC, we’ve spent decades in combined years on air as Senior BBC Journalists, behind the scenes as News and Output Editors, Video Editors, Producers and Camera Crew.

We’ve decided which stories and features should run day by day on the national channels including BBC One, the BBC News Channel, BBC Three (when it had a flagship news programme in the mid 2000s), Radio 4, 5Live and Radio 1.

We’ve also produced documentaries, investigative features, drama, even comedy – as well as the biggest stories since the turn of the century – from the terrorist attacks on New York and London, to the hottest entertainment news with the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Ricky Gervais, Sir Richard Attenborough, the list goes on. If you secretly read the inside pages of the showbiz magazines, the chances are that we’ve met the people you’re reading about.

This wealth of experience has given us a unique working knowledge of daily broadcast news at the highest level, and when we turn our hand to PR, we get worldwide broadcast.


Marketforce Business Media are a high level events business, bringing together the leading players and policy level decision makers to events across a wide range of sectors including financial services, utilities, technology, broadcasting and transport.


Since 2008, we have been instrumental in creating and maintaining the output and quality of their webinar business, a multi-million pounds live streaming service to large corporate clients. We launched their first virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have guided and presented all of their many hundreds of webinars and online events.


From an initial proposal, strategy and structure from us, Marketforce’s webinars have become extremely successful business discussions, watched by thousands of thought leaders worldwide. We script, present, film and produce them to this day – and also work with partners to stream them live, and with the London Stock Exchange media centre.

Our conference filming & production reaches a wider and less targeted audience than the webinars, guided by Marketforce’s own marketing team, using their website, social media, YouTube and Vimeo to add depth to event awareness and attract delegates and sponsorship for the following year.


You can watch a wide array of our content with Marketforce including conference clips, showreels and webinars at:


Marketforce webinars are now more successful in terms of reach and positive feedback than nearly any other event organiser in the UK. Tens of thousands of CEOs, CFOs have watched live alongside other senior people in dozens of industries, and we have always received high praise from viewers, which have always been rated as excellent or very good.

This has led to a surge in sales of places at Marketforce events, and made it possible to engage key audiences worldwide for events that they would not necessarily have been able to attend.

Crucially, sponsors including IBM, FIS Global, Monitise and Deloitte have returned repeatedly to support our unique broadcast-style webinars despite the relatively high cost that live streaming can sometimes incur, because the webinars have delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of sales to Marketforce, and in turn to their returning sponsors and panelists.



The Greenscreen team is made up of journalists, camera people, editors, writers and more – some of whom you’ll find on the Meet The Team page. Many of us have three things in common: the BBC, ITV and Sky.

At Sky, we have worked on the biggest stories and interviews, and decided how stories would run – either on Sky News, or Channel 5 (formerly operated by Sky).

Greenscreen has been an independent supplier of stories and people to Sky since 2005 – before it had become a fully functioning production house.

Our first independent story was for DEFRA and the British Antarctic Survey (you can find that by clicking here), but working directly with them we also covered 7/7 in London, were responsible for Consumer Affairs stories of all types, as well as crime, politics, entertainment and more.

Our work on air at Sky has helped to shaped key news and current affairs coverage since the early 2000s.




Which? were one of our first clients in the mid 2000s. Over the next few years, we produced a huge range of public awareness content for consumers, live events, promo films, international communications and media contact. We also turned them into the key spokespeople for consumer rights during the financial crisis of 2007/8.

We also produced one of their first professional DVDs on PC training – which showed a clear financial value, being directly responsible for a turnaround in subscriptions to their computer titles – in fact, increasing retainment by 43% within 3 months of the DVD’s release.


For us, the key work was in the last year of our time working with Which? as the banking crisis hit the UK. We helped to select, and then trained all of their key media speakers – not only in interview techniques from our extensive time at the top of the national media – but also in presentation techniques.

They went on to become the primary media speakers for the entire time we were involved in their media training and coaching – and senior members of the group continued on to co-present consumers shows on national channels with our help.


“Greenscreen have been instrumental in helping us to put our top spokespeople onto the national TV screen. They ran the audition process, worked with me to select the best candidates and are now working with the ‘faces’ of our organisation on an ongoing basis, to polish and finesse their on-screen performances. Without fail Lindley and his team have been professional, enthusiastic and engaged. They have helped us through a daunting process, and even made it enjoyable! Our spokespeople trust Lindley’s judgment and his feedback, as do I, and he honestly does ‘go the extra mile’ to provide an excellent, bespoke service.” – Nikki Lehel, former Head of Public Relations, Which?





We’ve worked with two divisions of G4S, and continue to work with them on key promotional content and digital PR projects.


Our work with G4S has focused on content creation to promote services that potential clients may not have been previously aware of e.g. their drive towards smart metering.


‘It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Greenscreen.  From the first phone call, they were enthusiastic about our projects and all through the productions their film crew were a joy to work with.  The end result is great and the film(s) have already been used extensively within our Company and at the recent NEMEX Exhibition at the NEC. All our staff have received the link to view it and we are getting rave reviews.  We even have the films playing on a big screen in our headquarters reception. Thanks Lindley and the Team.’ – Joan Walmsley, G4S



Howden Group Holdings (formerly Hyperion Insurance Group) is the leading independent international insurance group with employee-ownership at its heart.

We’ve been creating Hyperion’s key internal communications and event content since 2014.

That includes:

  • Corporate films and advertising
  • Regular updates to the company from the CEO and senior management
  • Hyperion’s global group event every year
  • Events covering specific issues for the wider insurance industry, including new systems, data and analytics, distribution, partnership and regulation

We have created dozens of films for Hyperion, guiding their messaging and content, as well as supporting their own internal design agency, training them to make their own videos to maximise their budgets, even when we are not involved in producing that content.

Hyperion, as with all of our clients, come back to Greenscreen because we offer them unrivalled expertise and flexibility, helping them to understand how to spend their money on content creation, and delivering the most impactful messaging and video anywhere in the insurance space.




Škoda is one of many clients in the automotive sector who’ve come our way to mix the factual with a sense of fun to enhance their brand in the UK. So, in 2012 they asked us to create an iconic looking film combining behind the scenes and launch day footage for release within hours of the grand unveiling of a piece of public art celebrating the launch of their new CitiGo car.


We took an advertising approach from storyboard to the shoot days, bearing in mind that this was a real event – we had to combine a number of factual and specific elements of the brief (for example, creating a music track that moved fluidly from druids to Tiesto), use interviews, slow and fast motion filming in HD, GoPro, iconic Stone Henge style shots – and we even provided the sculptor.


‘We are so pleased with your film, the story, the tone, style and lightening turnaround. I can’t remember signing off the first version of a video before now. Thank you.’

The film is still being posted way after the event by car magazines, enthusiasts and blog sites.  ŠKODA have done the same, so here it is: