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As one of the biggest brands in technology since the 80s, IBM’s expertise reaches across an extremely varied range of fields.

We have been engaged primarily to create on-demand and live webinar content with our events client Marketforce.

The briefs have spanned the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Transformation in Rail, Social Media and Nuclear New Build.


Our work has covered:

  1. Scripting the webinars in the pre-planning stage
  2. Briefing and giving presentation training to the panelists – including experts from IBM
  3. Chairing and producing the live webinar


As with all of our online events, the responses from the audience have always ranged from Very Good to Excellent. IBM have returned to Marketforce repeatedly to take part in the panel format that we devised for them, resulting in data on the audience, their questions, tweets and poll votes, and further returns for Marketforce.






Halyard Health are one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment and services in the world.


We were approached by CORPAK MedSystems UK (the UK arm of Halyard) in 2013 by referral from a number of our NHS clients.

For the first time in more than 10 years, CORPAK were commissioning a set of films to compliment detailed face to face training in NHS Trusts nationwide on how to place gastric and nasogastric feeding tubes, also for patients and carers, and to demonstrate their new products that are already saving lives across the UK and US.


We worked closely with CORPAK MedSystems UK over 6 months to script, plan and update their old video content with a set of films that nursing teams across the country said they needed.

Greenscreen is now:

  • The key European supplier of all content for CORPAK MedSystems (the UK arm of Halyard)
  • We are designing a new digital platform to give healthcare professionals across the world access to every training programme, document and piece of content
  • We are also designing all of the company’s new digital training programmes.


Our films are now being used by Health Trusts across the country in CPD training courses and introductions to PEG, RIG and nasogastric feeding tube placement – essential to any patient who’s unable to eat.

Also, patients and carers also now have their first ever film designed to improve their daily lives and understand the mechanisms of this equipment, in use by tens of thousands of people in the UK, and millions elsewhere.

The reaction has been incredible, and our aim is that these films will not only help to reduce the fear associated with these commonly used systems, but also to help hospital staff to save lives.

A word of warning: this film and the others on the CORPAK MedSystems UK website contain detailed medical images and procedures.




OpenText are Canada’s largest, and one of the world’s most innovative, software firms behind enterprise information management software used worldwide at the highest levels.

We’ve worked with OpenText since 2015 on webinars, conferences and promotional films.

We have:

  • Helped OpenText to shape their messaging for UK audiences in financial services and regulation
  • Chaired and scripted live panel webinars to thousands of business leaders worldwide
  • Created films to promote events and services across Europe

We are proud to work with such a leading software and consultancy business, in areas ranging from content innovation, data and analytics, and regulation including GDPR.





We have produced a great deal of factual and promotional content for Philips – in particular in their healthcare business which supplies cutting edge imaging and scanning systems to hospitals worldwide.

We were asked by their healthcare PR agency to provide high level interviews and green screen presentations from the leading cancer and brain surgeons in Europe.


Our films, shot in locations including Paris, Barcelona, Brussels and Zurich, led an awareness programme for hospitals in Europe and the US about the new technological developments available to them to improve the operating precision using their AlluraClarity imaging technology.

One of the films in particular turned a written presentation by Professor Jacques Moret into a full explanation of the benefits of the new system. While it’s not a particularly flamboyant presentation, this film – and the others we produced – are now being viewed by hundreds of top surgeons and their hospitals globally.

You can watch Prof Moret’s explanation of AlluraClarity on Philips’ channel at





We’ve worked with Cancer Research UK since 2011 on an array of promotional and factual films, combining moving life stories and celebrity endorsements.

Those include various public awareness and fundraising films with JLS and their charity JLS Foundation, which continues to work raising awareness of cancer prevention in young people. One of those was paired with a crowd funding charity company called Prizeo which, on the back of our films (see Prizeo’s own Client page) has won a place on the Silicon Valley Y Combinator Scheme which launched the likes of Skype.


As well as the above projects which raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the JLS Foundation, Prizeo and Cancer Research UK, we produced the film below which you can see also on our Welcome page.

Lauren’s Story – entirely scripted, filmed and produced by Greenscreen – was fundamental to raising more than £1million at its premiere during a fundraising event in 2013. That’s an ROI of more than 7500% within 2 weeks, which actually isn’t a first for us, but is particularly rewarding because of the impact it might have on helping to prevent cancers in the future.



Southeastern Railway came to us in 2012 to create their very first marketing video content.

The instant success of the first three videos have grown rapidly into a close working relationship with the Southeastern marketing  and communications teams.


We’ve produced a series of marketing, internal communications and advertising pieces, covering different areas of their business, from their new uniform launch, to emergency response mapping, and more:

  • Southeastern High Speed 5th anniversary film
  • Series of On-Track app demo videos across the Go-Ahead Group
  • Pop-up coffee shop film for Southeastern customers, played to rail groups and Ministers at The Department of Transport
  • Southeastern deep clean advertisement for Spotify
  • Motion graphic advertisement for the Southeastern On Track app (below)
  • Launch videos for Southeastern’s new uniforms
  • Promotional films with customers focusing on service
  • The Kent Integrated Control Centre video for the entire company, shared with Network Rail, Southwest Trains and Southern
  • Films explaining Southeastern’s 2017 professional people plan to everyone in the company


Here’s just one sample of our full service from idea to impact with Southeastern – to launch their On-Track App. We shaped the idea, created the visuals, branding, style and tone, within two weeks from call to final delivery.





UKTV have come to us for a huge breadth of video production work since 2008.

They’ve briefed us on campaigns including the launch of their channels Eden and Eden HD, Really, Gold, programmes including Covert Affairs, and programmes on Dave.

We also produce UKTV’s official channel showreel each year, which is used as a commissioning and acquisition promo globally.


The work has been in five key areas:

  1. Storyboarding and helping UKTV (and other partners) to visualise their PR campaigns as they’ll be seen by the audience
  2. Developing a simple idea by writing, planning, filming and producing content
  3. Introducing and developing the brand for each piece of content – crucially promoting brand personality throughout
  4. Placing the content and seeding it for maximum engagement
  5. Assisting PR companies with their conventional public relations campaigns in the press and in online articles


Our films have triggered hundreds of thousands of direct positive views and responses since 2008, and been among UKTV’s most successful online reactions ever. Those numbers have won UKTV and PR partners including Taylor Herring Publicity dozens of PR, marketing and brand awards.


  •  ‘Thank you Greenscreen for the wonderful showreel you created for our MIPCOM event – it was the best reel we have ever presented. You were also fantastic to work with – simply amazing.’ – UKTV
  • ‘Everyone agrees – your film for the Drama launch is beyond epic. Absolutely fabulous job.’ – Taylor Herring Publicity

Finally, just a sample of the weird and wonderful work we’ve been responsible for when launching UKTV’s channels:





We’ve created a huge amount of content for the NHS since 2006: from key internal clinical training materials, to fly-on-the-wall hazardous area response pieces (with the Dept of Health), to public-facing content covering midwifery, general health, oncology, HIV and diabetes.


We have written the scripts, planned, filmed, produced and trained staff to present and contribute to media for the NHS:

  • 2014: NHS-wide hygiene training for all staff
  • 2013: ‘The Journey’ – pregnancy and childbirth across East Kent
  • 2011: Supporting Learners – films to enhance training
  • 2011: St George’s learning and development films
  • 2010: NHS recruitment films for nurses and midwives
  • 2009: St George’s surgical information film
  • 2008: St George’s NHS-wide promotional resource
  • 2008-2011: We also worked with many other Trusts nationwide from Newcastle to the Isle of Wight.


‘Greenscreen are a pleasure to work with and provide a first rate service. With their expert advice and guidance we achieved a high quality marketing product which says exactly what we wanted it to’ – Helen O’Keefe, Associate Director of Nursing, East Kent Hospitals


2013-14: ‘The Journey’ has been used as the template for public communication of midwifery across the country, as a hugely effective way to guide new mothers and fathers on their route through pregnancy and childbirth.

2010-11: An incredible 100% increase in recruitment across the whole of East Kent Hospitals within 12 months – the client reported that the overwhelming response from new applicants to different roles was purely due to watching the films.

2008-9: St George’s Hospitals in London reported their best ever response from other Trusts to the work being done within the hospitals, mainly because of the film and the way their hard work had been expressed.

Each of these scripting, training and filming projects produced between 500% and 3000% better return on investment than any of their previous projects.