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Welcome to Greenscreen: the multi award-winning video communications agency behind the likes of Norwegian, Go-Ahead Group to Thorpe Park and British Red Cross.

We specialise in:

  • Beautiful business video
  • Events, webinars, presentation and media training
  • Messaging and branding for video
  • Brand journalism
  • Consumer-facing content (including viral video) that audiences love.

We work differently from others at our level, with an agile, expertise-driven model using smaller, more experienced teams – each with many years at the top of national media, broadcasting and online – dedicated to you.

That means expertise, not infrastructure, where relationships and quality really matter.

Here’s how it works:

But don’t take it from us – here’s what a few of our clients say:


If you’re looking to freshen up your approach, we can help. Have a look at the Client Stories page to find out about our clients, from the BBC to Cancer Research UK, Philips to Which?.

Speaking to us is simple.

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Greenscreen’s clients range from the largest organisations in the world, to exciting startups. We’re proud to offer every one the best services available, whether they’ve tried working with other creative agencies or are brand new to the process.

Simply browse a little of our work below, many with links to clients’ stories.

You can also search under our clients’ industry sectors in the drop down menu.


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We do much more than create great films. We help our clients to speak more clearly to their audiences, with passion, clarity and confidence – whether speaking publicly, or in private.

And, when it comes to our videos watched by millions of consumers and customers, we’re experts at putting your team, and your services at the centre of a great story. Here’s a glimpse of what we do:

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Here’s what we’re doing right now. New projects, news, tweets and thoughts along the way…

Woo-hoo! 2020 is here, and Greenscreen will soon be 15!

A very happy new decade, year and working week to you! It’s a big one for us – 15 years of award-winning, clever content, and counting at the end of the summer. Clearly, our time has been short and sweet for quite a while, so the best way to keep up with our new round of fantastic projects for 2020 is on our social media channels below.

We’d love to hear from you too, so feel free to drop us a line, or Lindley direct, here:

     News updates on Twitter

     Work and play on Instagram

    The Greenscreen Page on Facebook

We know, we know…

We’ve been trapped under a very heavy (but fun) series of heavy jobs, and haven’t updated the news page lately. It’s been very exciting in the world of Greenscreen, so the work has had to take over – from filming at the beautiful Mukan Resort in Mexico, to launching our webinar format in the US, to filming dozens of fascinating events, promos, ads and internal comms projects – it’s really been a great 14th year for us so far.

We’re happy to say that so many of our clients are back, from Hyperion Insurance Group, to Go-Ahead, to MarketforceLive, to Riviera Travel, to Accenture.

It’s the busiest time in our history, so here’s to a great summer where you are, success and a little time off. Do follow us on the social media buttons below for much more timely updates!

A very messy Merry Christmas…

From all of us here, to all of yours there, however you mark the festive period, we wish you the merriest of Christmasses, happiest of business breaks, health and happiness for 2019. See you there!

Summer 2018 – don’t think we haven’t wanted to tell you the latest, but…

It’s been the most amazing time for Greenscreen, in fact as we reach 13 years of creating clever content and coaching for our clients worldwide, it’s been our most productive year ever.

Sadly, that means that we haven’t updated our news too often – but here’s a whistle stop run-through of what we’ve been up to!

Our year so far in brief

  • Saga media coaching with senior speakers
  • Hyperion Insurance Group results films with their CEO David Howden, and CFO Oliver Corbett
  • Creating a batch of promotional films for Greenscreen’s friends in industry – not least Rob Kerner, ex-RBS innovation specialist
  • Citibank Outlook live webinars for high net worth clients
  • Howden Broking Group documentary tour of the UK, for new partners to meet the rest of the team
  • GTR TeamTalk and internal communications, before and during their challenging timetable changes
  • Live streamed webinars from the London Stock Exchange on Banking Innovation and A.I.
  • Southeastern Railway snow documentary (from idea to delivery in 3 days – that was quite a week, we can tell you!)
  • Finyx profile films, branding and presentation training
  • New Go-Ahead Group brand films and internal communications content
  • Up to four webinars each month with our friends at Marketforce Business Media
  • Creation of a new live streamed business webinar format – to be announced soon
  • Production of mental health news format with the NHS

Those are just some of our fascinating projects. It’s not always our first thought to let you know what’s going on here, but you can always follow us on LinkedIn (where Lindley posts the news), Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Hope to see you soon, but until then, we hope that the record-breaking summer has been an absolute joy.

2018 – welcome to our new clients!

We’re very happy to have kicked off the year here at Greenscreen towers with a string of new clients, and a range of exciting new work, all from recommendations.

Increasingly, we’re seeing a trend of marketing teams using word of mouth to find suppliers who will improve on the work they’ve commissioned in 2017 – often at higher prices than we offer. Many are looking to use shorter, advice-driven video content and webinars to provide an honest insight into the issues they talk about, and improve the quality and strategic elements by coming to Greenscreen for advice through to delivery.

Among the new clients are Citibank and Govia Thameslink Railway – a warm welcome to all of our new clients.

We’re very happy to help you to develop your ideas too – so do get in touch – and we’ll give you honest, practical advice whatever the project.

December 2017 – festive wishes from Greenscreen

After one of the busiest autumn/winter periods in our 12 years, it’s time to curl up by the fire for the festive season. So, to one and all, a very merry Christmas and here’s to the best 2018 you’ve ever had!


November 2017 – Lucky for some, year 13 is off to a flying start

Since our August post below, we’ve been back into full flow creating amazing, factual, funky and beautiful new films, running media training programmes and producing more webinars and events than at any point in the previous 12 years.

They include working with Southeastern Railway on emotional new  films celebrating the hard work their teams do, day in, day out. Working with the Scandinavian Beyond Budgeting Institute to spread the word on better management. Helping Canada’s largest software firm OpenText to talk about the crucial new changes to consumer consent and data in the new GDPR regulations. Plus, working with Saga for the first time, training their senior management to work with, and speak more clearly with people like us – journalists.

Not forgetting Hyperion Insurance Group, Marketforce, FIS, CAPCO, University of East Anglia, Govia Thameslink and many more – all working hard to improve their content, messaging and consumer focus, with our help.

If you’d like help to do the same, just say!

August 2017 – We are 12!

Where has the time gone? It’s 12 years since Greenscreen was born, and we’ve loved it! To every client that wanted to freshen up their media and communications to keep up with the content revolution, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To mark the occasion, here’s a celebration of our years bashing the bible on clearer communications, with honesty, expertise and personal service from idea to impact…

August 2017 – Media Training Video Blog (Part 2: Practical Delivery)

If you’ve been waiting for the second part of our expert media training guides for 2017, the wait is over! Here it is – a short, practical guide on how to approach three different media scenarios in the real world: 1. as an advisor for your own content or in a contributor role for a wider story, 2. as an interviewee in the news, and 3. in a crisis – looking at speed, depth and tying interviews to your other communications channels.

As you’ll know if you’ve worked with Greenscreen, we’ve been creating hugely successful media training for global companies and organisations since 2005, so this is totally exclusive insight for Greenscreen clients and people interested in freshening up their approach to public communications and their own content.

Simply say hello, and we’d love to help you too.

June 2017 – Election Videos

As the UK General Election fell upon us, we’ve decided to put our own voice into a series of pe-vote videos without the politics, but with the full facts for voters.

Shared simply on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with our personal contacts, we aren’t looking for a huge campaign, but simply to inform people on a personal level.

The style is no nonsense, factual and a little sarcastic from time to time. The reaction, although targeted, has – since posting these films – included ‘Brilliant – why isn’t anyone else doing this?’, ‘These are so good – I wish we had you covering the election on  TV!’, ‘These are just what I needed – nobody else is making videos like this’.

Here is a playlist of the main videos, starting with education:

May 2017 – A Top Gear Tribute

Sadly, much of what we do is confidential, and we can’t share it here.

But, in May and June we’ve decided to create our own content: election videos in June, and this little Top Gear tribute to Lindley’s old news car in May.

Filmed with the Sony FS7, Panasonic AF101, Lumix GH3 and GoPros, but without the million pounds budgets of Top Gear’s own films, and with a couple of hours to shoot.

This is what happened when Lindley bid a fond farewell to the cheapest new car on the road in 2004: Ode to a Hyundai.

April 2017 – Creating Great Content: Media Training Part 1

After a short break from the blogs to make space for the day job, here’s Blog 4 – the essential start to any good media training. If you’re a company spokesperson, need to contribute to the news or your own content, this is the place to start! Practical principles and preparation.

Next time, we’ll map out how to get ready for three types of media piece in the real world: advisory, news interview and crisis communications. For now, here’s what every media trainer should be telling you:

 March 2017 – Creating Great Content: The Blog Episode 3

We’re whipping through the fundamentals of creating great content for 2017. Now, it’s time to introduce visuals to your content plan – how do you write to pictures, bring your script and visuals together? It’s been one of the key hurdles for many of our customers since 2005, but here’s how you emphasise the importance of what we’ll see, as well as what we’ll hear.

We have a very busy month ahead at Greenscreen, but next time, we’ll talk about how to get the best out of speakers, in the key aspects of media training. See you very soon!

February 2017 – Creating Great Content: The Blog Episode 2

Here’s the second February instalment in the series on creating great content for business. This time, we get into the practical tips that start any good copy or script, and how to simplify the most complex of corporate messaging.

Next, we’ll be talking words and pictures, and how to make them work together time after time!

February 2017 – Creating Great Content: The Blog Episode 1

We’re well into the new year, and Lindley’s going to be back on air over the next twelve months to give you exclusive tips and techniques on how we make award-winning content that customers love.

Step-by-step, he’ll take you through the fundamentals so that you’re ready to take the next step into video, design, copy and marketing materials that outmatch your competition.

Starting with First Principles:

January – The latest word from our clients to you!

We’ve gone far and wide to ask our customers why the trust and love working with Greenscreen time after time.

Here’s what they want to tell you in 2017:

You can find out much more about our clients on the Clients page.

2016: Tweets, tittle tattle and updates:


Spring 2016: The Story So Far

There’s a reason that we’ve been away for a little while: 2016 is promising to be the best yet, with new clients in financial services, fun management, insurance, banking and payments, and lots of returning clients in PR, events, healthcare and leisure.

Among the projects this spring – surgical training films including cutting edge anatomical graphics, webinars on payments, customer experience and the future of broadcasting, travel and tourism with clients including Southeastern and Go-Ahead, and the launch of financial products entrusted to us to make the messaging and engagement the most impactful in the UK market.

This spring, our new clients have included the biggest brands in their fields, from Hyperion Insurance Group to Nightstar. Exciting projects, handled with care and passion by Greenscreen London.

January 2016: Our Biggest Ever

We’re back and off the blocks with a range of fascinating creative projects for financial services, global healthcare and events. A nice way to celebrate our 11th year. Filming for Hyperion Insurance Group, Southeastern Railway, CORPAK and Marketforce is just a start, with some of our most exciting work yet planned for the coming couple of months.

On a more personal note, thank you to everyone who held off on new projects in December – our filming trip produced some of the most beautiful HD archive from south east Asia.

We’ve also returned to business and social media with a mini tribute to David Bowie and how we can all learn a small lesson in embracing creativity in our daily work.

It’s available on LinkedIn Pulse, here: Doing A Bowie

December 2015: Short Break

The busiest period in Greenscreen’s ten year history has been hugely successful for our clients already, and we’re happy to have spearheaded their customer-focused communications now, and for the next few months – you’ll see the impact in financial services to events, healthcare to PR soon.

Now, to celebrate our decade of award-winning content and training, we’re taking a well deserved break. That might seem odd as an idea, but as an agency of the best freelance production and training people in the UK, ten years is enough time for some of us to relax. Our biggest ongoing projects will continue as planned.

So, do email us, do call, but our loyal clients have expressed their happiness that we’re treating our hard working team to a short break. We’ll be back, producing the very best customer-based communications, content and training from the beginning of January.

A very happy festive period to you, and a new year to match.

See you in 2016!

November 2015: The Latest

The busiest of periods should be the times when you boast the most, but here at Greenscreen, we pretty much get on with business for our clients before talking about it.

As November rolls on, we now have enough time to tell you about the projects we’ve delivered for clients since October.

We’ve worked with the Scandinavian Beyond Budgeting Institute in Paris, produced the big screen awards films for the Go-Ahead Group airing this month, conference films for Hyperion Insurance Group in Seville, worked in the studio with Santander, Argos, Transport for London, Barclays and more, and even produced every element of content in clinical trials of groundbreaking new eye surgery for a pharmaceutical firm.

Some of the details we can’t tell you about, but it’s been the busiest ever few months for Greenscreen, and Lindley and the team apologise for not sharing the fascinating details – apart from on social media. Here’s a sample of one of our other projects recently for the NHS in London – the people’s story about the launch of Eltham Community Hospital for Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group:

October 18th 2015: The Latest

Among the many highlights of the summer, the Greenscreen Media and Document Players are attracting a huge amount of interest, not only in financial services fintech, but also in healthcare as a training tool. Find out more on the Our Services page, and say hello for the detail, tailored to your marketing and publicity campaign. Greenscreen makes every project particular to your needs, as by now you’ll know.

Production-wise, we’ve just produced new video content for a multi-million, ten year NHS project, which has premiered to rave reviews among NHS commissioners. Now completed, news to follow.

Plus, more than quarter of a million people have watched our Thorpe Park Fright Nights launch videos for the second year in a row – our latest viral hit. Shared by tens of thousands of people on Facebook, the range of teasers are the latest proof that you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of pounds with a large creative agency to get much better results!

Here’s a sample: not for children, or the feint-hearted – one of six horror-based teasers for the new attraction which, as the others, is a little creative and dark in tone to bring the die-hard fans to Thorpe Park this winter:

August 26th: We are 10!

We’ve had a busy summer with the likes of Thorpe Park, Southeastern, CORPAK MedSystems, FIS Global and many more asking us back to handle their communications, video and conferences – but radio silence has ensued while we focused on their important projects.

For now, light a candle, bring out the bubbly and celebrate with us as we turn 10 years old!

We began in the style of Daniel Bedingfield (remember him?), running a cottage industry from a bedroom in 2005, and now we work with some of the largest companies in the world, helping them to create much more effective communications and content that their customers will enjoy, base their decisions on, and share.

Thank you to everyone who’s been part of this mammoth independent journey, and to our clients – many of whom have become friends over the last decade. Genuine gratitude and best wishes for the next ten, however we work together, or equally, share that glass of champers!

Lindley Gooden, Managing Director

Greenscreen on Media Training: Part 1

For the past ten years, we’ve enjoyed de-mystifying the tricks of the trade in creative services. So, here’s part 1 of our guide to media training: what not to settle for, and how to begin speaking more clearly to your customer on broadcast and your own content. Much more, with practical guidance in parts 2&3 to come soon!

Thorpe Park I’m A Celebrity Maze Launch

This is our latest launch video for Thorpe Park following on from the success of the Fright Nights launch viral at the end of 2014. That film reached more than 250,000 views (and thousands of shares on Facebook), ten times the reach of their much more expensive advert. What could you achieve with us in just over 60 seconds?

Southeastern Pop-up Coffee Shop

Here’s our second short film for Southeastern. What gift would you most like to receive when waiting for your train? These people are pretty clear on theirs…

Southeastern High Speed 5th Anniversary

Southeastern Railway came to us in December to capture a celebratory whistlestop tour of their High Speed St Pancras to Ashford International route exactly 5 years after its launch. Filmed in less than a day, carrying cake, produced from start to end, with original messaging, filming, production and music, a simple ‘happy birthday High Speed’ from us!

LEGOLAND Recruitment

We’re helping LEGOLAND Windsor Resort to recruit it’s new wave of talented people – both around the Resort in the roles you’ll see if you visit – and also behind the scenes.

This film is designed to give a genuine feel for what it means to work at LEGOLAND, through the eyes of people working out and about in the Resort. Written, produced, filmed, music and production by Greenscreen, filmed in just one day, and delivered from beginning to end within 2 weeks.

The Ad.

We love helping people to advertise their products and services. But, we thought that it was about time to have a little fun with our own advert. From emotive advertising to plain speaking communications – how do you bring your brand to life?


NEW AUGUST 2014 – Greenscreen on Personalisation: Think Big, Go Small?

Big, bad data. It’s responsible for great developments in customer insight, and huge challenges. When your ability to capture and interpret real-time customer information has caught up with our rapidly changing needs, what then? Could smaller, efficient and flexible businesses with strong customer focus have a few lessons worth learning?

Many people are talking about this subject – from small business advantage to personalisation of brand.

The links below are to a few of the external websites talking about related ideas. Click on the logo to go to each page.


Small Business Chronicle


Marketforce Webinars: The Sponsorship Ad.

Here is Marketforce’s new webinar sponsorship film. You might recognise the presenter.. we worked on the script, produced the motion infographics and, well, everything else you see.

If you’ve ever thought of sponsoring, or appearing on, a business webinar reaching key decision makers in your industry, you can find out more about Marketforce webinars at:

NEW JULY 2014 – Greenscreen on Webinars: Planning, Prep & Presentation

If you’ve dipped your toe in the water with webinars – live streamed and on demand – but are looking for a more professional approach, here are a few short tips and tricks on our high quality, TV-style webinars for clients in business, marketing and health.

If you want to talk in more detail, or have an idea you’d like to explore, just say hello.

Greenscreen on Media Training

Here’s a short guide to the fundamentals of media training that we’ve taught and practiced with large companies and organisations for many years, based on our time at the top of the national and international broadcasting, print and online.

Every piece of training should be tailored to you, and the way you prepare and use your training will be entirely individual. But, using your brand as a platform, taking the media route can unlock awareness and conversations that can transform the way you are seen by the public.

Click here to find out what the broadcasters think.


It’s been a busy month at Greenscreen, what with new members of the associate team joining us, moving back into sectors such as formal media training, and new bespoke products that will take us into the technology of content marketing – and make our clients’  lives a lot easier when they want to reach out and share their content and campaigns.

It’s great to have Dave Mason on the team – a hugely experienced journalist and media trainer – and Jonny Bonny, who was on the original team (also working with us on media coaching and production).

Since June, we’ve chaired and produced content from Marketforce’s largest ever conference: The 20:20 Customer Experience Summit, completed long-running projects with the NHS, and taken on a couple of brand new clients.

What else? Follow us at our new @greenscreenon Twitter account…

Plus our Exclusive Stuff page is alive and kicking AT LAST!  Check out the short media training guide, and our short video with Lindley – Webinars: Planning, Prep and Presentation.

BrightTALK Technology Marketers’ Meetup: this Thursday 26th June

Lindley will be chairing the second of BrightTALK’s unique Technology Marketers’ Meetup Groups this Thursday.

After the success of the last event unfortunately all of the places have now been taken, but you can find out more on the BrightTALK link via

The session plus interviews with Lindley and the panel (including Ray Coppinger from Marketo, Gina Balarin from Concur Technologies and Simon Bennett from Sitecore) will be available on demand within a few days of the live event.

Spencer Private Hospitals

Our latest healthcare film has been unveiled – this one for Spencer Private Hospitals in Kent. They were a great team to work with, and made us feel right at home. The film reflects that and will be used for promotions and marketing, and commissioning work in the near future.

We wanted to reflect the personal touch, quality of care, strong infection control as well as the many on-site services they offer – all through the words of people who work and receive treatment there. If you have 3 minutes spare, check it out here:

Royal College of Nursing Adopts our Training Content

It’s always a pleasure to help others to enhance their own training, and the Royal College of Nursing has asked to use the training content, films and design materials we’ve created for Corpak MedSystems to better train nurses nationwide to place nasogastric tubes (feeding tubes through the nose) as part of their own training.

The importance of the material we’ve written with Corpak, before directing, filming and shaping the content into training tools for nurses and patients is hard to undervalue. They are already saving lives across the UK.

Also, the feedback both here, and in the US – where Corpak is based – has been stunning.

British Video Association Award

It’s award season in the PR industry, and our work has helped our clients to win even more honours.

Our 700,000+ viral with blinkbox (plus a string of behind the scenes making of videos for the blinkbox campaign ‘The Gosline’ and other campaigns in 2013-14) have helped Taylor Herring Public Relations to win the British Video Association ‘PR Agency of the Year 2014’ Award. The impact of our production work was a key contributor to the audience numbers and reaction to the campaign.

Sadly our name won’t be engraved on the cup alongside our client – but you can see some of the evidence within the blinkbox client case study.

Cannes Lions Awards

The blinkbox Dragon’s Skull campaign is entered for more awards this year – not least at Cannes. All at a budget of less than £2K.

The awards take place in June:

More to follow if we win. Go us (even if, again, we don’t share the credit)!

Cannes Lions front page


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