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Since Greenscreen was launched we’ve worked regularly with science and technology organisations. When the government’s then Chief Scientific Advisor on Climate Change Sir Howard Dalton visited the south pole, we were asked to document first-hand the research being done to establish the effects of climate change, and in particular man made climate change on the earth’s atmosphere.


This was our first project, and a testing ground for Greenscreen’s content-led PR work. We sent a full brief with the head of the British Antarctic Survey – essentially to film their own documentary on location – with our support back in the UK.

We had secured a great amount of interest from our fellow broadcasters in advance of the research trip, and decided to give the story exclusively to Sky and Channel 5 News (also part of Sky News).

On their return from Antarctica, we compiled and edited the footage within 48 hours, and it was broadcast on both channels throughout the day of a key decision on the UK’s nuclear policy relating to carbon emissions.


The films we created, based on a week of filming in Antarctica, had a huge effect in five ways:

  • Sky and Channel 5 had an exclusive from Antarctica which would have cost them more than £30,000 to produce.
  • Our films triggered a new strand on Channel 5 for user generated content, one of the first to do that in news & current affairs.
  • The British Antarctic Survey and DEFRA (soon after to be DECC – the Government Department for Energy and Climate Change) received unprecedented coverage for their work, which helped them simultaneously to raise public awareness – and refresh interest among policy makers in Westminster.
  • The British Antarctic Survey received great accolades for pairing up with Greenscreen because of the results we produced, and Sir Howard Dalton received an OBE shortly before his death in 2008, with his work on this project to promote the public understanding of science cited as a reason for his richly deserved honour.
  • On a lesser scale, The British Antarctic Survey then asked Lindley Gooden (Managing Director) to join the advisory board for International Polar Year as its broadcast consultant.


“The whole office is buzzing after the films you’ve made for us. It’s unbelievable to see our efforts on screen, and on the news. Thank you Greenscreen so much!”

Here is a transmission of one of the films as it went to air on Channel 5 News, presented by John Suchet:




The British Red Cross asked us to help them during one of the most challenging periods in their recent history, in the years after the 2004 Asian tsunami.

One of our first foirees into straight PR, the charity had come under scrutiny to demonstrate results for the record-breaking donations by British people after the tsunami devastated coastlines and populations across the Pacific. So, they needed us to film their work in   one particularly hard hit regions: Aceh in Indonesia, where up to 90% of the population had died, lost close family, and their livelihoods.


We traveled to Indonesia with the head of the British Red Cross, Sir Nick Young, and filmed the reconstruction work, survivors, and crucially – we sent there to challenge Nick and the BRC more severely than any British broadcaster had, to help him to speak more clearly and show the public that the Red Cross had indeed spent the millions of pounds of donations properly, and to show how huge an impact that money had had.


Nick and the stories we captured were covered by all of the British national media within 3 days of our return to the UK. The BBC (BBC One, Newsnight, BBC News Channel, online and radio), ITV, Sky, national and international press, and online news agencies took our pictures and copy, while we offered contacts to the BRC’s public relations agency in order for him to do the rounds in live interviews.

As a result of this work, the charity’s PR team the ‘Team of the Year’ Award in the PR Week Awards and others in 2005.

Plus, the coverage, combined with those awards, raised awareness of their work on the ground for the first time since the tsunami 3 years earlier, and was the most successful coverage they’d ever had for their work following the disaster.




Some of our PR clients have asked us to take a fairly leftfield approach to B2C communications, particularly in entertainment and online campaigns.

We like that. And this experiential press launch of Capcom’s global gaming hit Dragon’s Dogma was designed to train journalists to be a real life character in the game, complete with sword and shield.

As ever on a very fast turnaround film project, it’s critical to direct people quickly and construct a story on the run.

The journalists here (including writer and TV presenter Iain Lee) wrote about their day with the fight team, and we provided the evidence:





We’ve worked on a couple of high profile projects with Paddy Power through the PR company Taylor Herring.

They asked us to create grand scale ‘making of’ films for PR stunts marking the Cheltenham Festival and the Euros. So our job was to structure, storyboard, create motion graphics, film from the ground and handheld from the air, edit the films within 24 hours, and even produce the music so that they could maximise the use of the films online and in social media.


Below is The Uffington White Horse film; their fastest viewed viral video to date – and was created at a fraction of the price of their popular TV adverts. This film was shared more than 135,000 times in less than 2 weeks, with overwhelmingly positive comments from viewers worldwide.




Lilly are one of the world’s largest healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, responsible for products in fields including neuroscience, oncology, cardiovascular and diabetes.

We have produced a wide range of films for Lilly explaining their products, support and wider services – devising the brief with marketing and communications teams, and creating content that reaches out to customers.


One set of films for Lilly helped to connect people living with cancers to leading clinicians.


  • Advised on key elements to cover and focus on
  • Helped to guide messaging for patients and clinical leads who were contributing to the films
  • Interviewed patients and leading care specialists working with patients
  • Interviewed, filmed, created and produced a set of compelling films that they have used internationally for three years
  • Our ongoing support means that the films can – and have – been updated to include the latest advanced in oncology care.



We have worked with various government departments including the Department of Health, Home Office, and DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – now including DECC).


Our first project with DEFRA is contained within the British Antarctic Survey client case study – jointly commissioned by DEFRA, and featuring the late Howard Dalton (Government Chief Advisor on Climate Change).

Following that, DEFRA returned to us to film and produce a number of films on their work, particularly in climate change.

We filmed and interviewed a number of successors to Howard Dalton, and with the British Antarctic Survey and DEFRA, advised climate change scientists on their media work, including training for more than 5 years.






We’ve worked with Deloitte on a range of webinars and podcasts to inform their customers and partners on developments in banking regulation.

This can be demanding for many content producers: to research and understand the detail, grasp the finer points of relationship between a large financial services provider such as Deloitte and their audience, and to deliver clear and concise information in a panel or in-depth with thought leaders.


In all of our webinars and podcasts with Deloitte, we’ve covered complex discussions on Solvency II, Basell III, IFRS and FATCA regulations which affect banks, insurers, other FS suppliers and end customers.

Our webinars have been rated excellent by all audiences, and have reached unprecedented thousands of people and their teams in the banking & insurance regulation sector.

You can hear some of our IFRS podcasts on iTunes here.




BrightTALK are a video and webinar content platform, with clients across the world specialising in financial services.


We have worked with BrightTALK in two specific ways: we compliment their own in-house video production services with editorial and script content for their videos and marketing webinars. Secondly, we chair keynote events.

While we don’t actually handle the cameras or editing for BrightTALK, we do help them with the other elements of the process of creating content that is more watchable, creative and ultimately compelling for their audiences – both live and streamed online.


BrightTALK work extensively in marketing technology and lead generation but we’ve helped them to enhance the delivery of their content as well as writing it, briefing panelists and contributors, and chairing their live and filmed events.

We’ve done this by pushing their content beyond the best national broadcast standards, and offering a more innovative take on what makes a webinar work.

This has helped their audiences to understand complex industry stories in a way that has enhanced BrightTALK’s marketing reach and editorial offering.




We have worked with a wide range of pharmaceutical companies in their internal communications work and patient-led innovations.

The crucial aspect of our services as expert broadcasters and PR consultants is to pass clear, factual information to audiences in a way that cuts through a ‘dry’ approach to corporate communications, and makes a strong, personal impact on each viewer.

With Novartis, we created a real news programme from scratch, filmed and based in Europe, and delivered to team members across the world to explain the work that the company was doing to help to promote the issues surrounding, and to treat, diabetes.

This was backed and co-ordinated with World Diabetes Day.


The programme and associated content and interviews with clinicians worldwide (from the US to Latin America, Western Europe to the Far East) were watched and shared by patients and professionals in each and every country.

The ultimate result was to promote the understanding, and advance  treatments for diabetes.




blinkbox from Tesco were one of the early streaming platforms in the UK, and of course, we were one of the early production companies to help them to market.

They came to us on a number of video projects, including the launch video described by The Drum as the best ever PR video, promos for the Alan Partridge box set, and this – the winner of the BVA Video Awards in 2013 – to mark the release of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blue-ray.

Many award-winning, simple, low cost and very, very effective.

So, this is what happened when something pre-historic appeared on a beach on the Jurassic Coast: