It’s probably easier to pick out areas that we haven’t worked on with the BBC, either as independent producers or as senior members of staff at the corporation and other broadcasters (more on ‘Sky’ and ‘ITV’).


At the BBC, we’ve spent decades in combined years on air as Senior BBC Journalists, behind the scenes as News and Output Editors, Video Editors, Producers and Camera Crew.

We’ve decided which stories and features should run day by day on the national channels including BBC One, the BBC News Channel, BBC Three (when it had a flagship news programme in the mid 2000s), Radio 4, 5Live and Radio 1.

We’ve also produced documentaries, investigative features, drama, even comedy – as well as the biggest stories since the turn of the century – from the terrorist attacks on New York and London, to the hottest entertainment news with the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Ricky Gervais, Sir Richard Attenborough, the list goes on. If you secretly read the inside pages of the showbiz magazines, the chances are that we’ve met the people you’re reading about.

This wealth of experience has given us a unique working knowledge of daily broadcast news at the highest level, and when we turn our hand to PR, we get worldwide broadcast.