Since Greenscreen was launched we’ve worked regularly with science and technology organisations. When the government’s then Chief Scientific Advisor on Climate Change Sir Howard Dalton visited the south pole, we were asked to document first-hand the research being done to establish the effects of climate change, and in particular man made climate change on the earth’s atmosphere.


This was our first project, and a testing ground for Greenscreen’s content-led PR work. We sent a full brief with the head of the British Antarctic Survey – essentially to film their own documentary on location – with our support back in the UK.

We had secured a great amount of interest from our fellow broadcasters in advance of the research trip, and decided to give the story exclusively to Sky and Channel 5 News (also part of Sky News).

On their return from Antarctica, we compiled and edited the footage within 48 hours, and it was broadcast on both channels throughout the day of a key decision on the UK’s nuclear policy relating to carbon emissions.


The films we created, based on a week of filming in Antarctica, had a huge effect in five ways:

  • Sky and Channel 5 had an exclusive from Antarctica which would have cost them more than £30,000 to produce.
  • Our films triggered a new strand on Channel 5 for user generated content, one of the first to do that in news & current affairs.
  • The British Antarctic Survey and DEFRA (soon after to be DECC – the Government Department for Energy and Climate Change) received unprecedented coverage for their work, which helped them simultaneously to raise public awareness – and refresh interest among policy makers in Westminster.
  • The British Antarctic Survey received great accolades for pairing up with Greenscreen because of the results we produced, and Sir Howard Dalton received an OBE shortly before his death in 2008, with his work on this project to promote the public understanding of science cited as a reason for his richly deserved honour.
  • On a lesser scale, The British Antarctic Survey then asked Lindley Gooden (Managing Director) to join the advisory board for International Polar Year as its broadcast consultant.


“The whole office is buzzing after the films you’ve made for us. It’s unbelievable to see our efforts on screen, and on the news. Thank you Greenscreen so much!”

Here is a transmission of one of the films as it went to air on Channel 5 News, presented by John Suchet: