We’ve worked with Cancer Research UK since 2011 on an array of promotional and factual films, combining moving life stories and celebrity endorsements.

Those include various public awareness and fundraising films with JLS and their charity JLS Foundation, which continues to work raising awareness of cancer prevention in young people. One of those was paired with a crowd funding charity company called Prizeo which, on the back of our films (see Prizeo’s own Client page) has won a place on the Silicon Valley Y Combinator Scheme which launched the likes of Skype.


As well as the above projects which raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the JLS Foundation, Prizeo and Cancer Research UK, we produced the film below which you can see also on our Welcome page.

Lauren’s Story – entirely scripted, filmed and produced by Greenscreen – was fundamental to raising more than £1million at its premiere during a fundraising event in 2013. That’s an ROI of more than 7500% within 2 weeks, which actually isn’t a first for us, but is particularly rewarding because of the impact it might have on helping to prevent cancers in the future.