Halyard Health are one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment and services in the world.


We were approached by CORPAK MedSystems UK (the UK arm of Halyard) in 2013 by referral from a number of our NHS clients.

For the first time in more than 10 years, CORPAK were commissioning a set of films to compliment detailed face to face training in NHS Trusts nationwide on how to place gastric and nasogastric feeding tubes, also for patients and carers, and to demonstrate their new products that are already saving lives across the UK and US.


We worked closely with CORPAK MedSystems UK over 6 months to script, plan and update their old video content with a set of films that nursing teams across the country said they needed.

Greenscreen is now:

  • The key European supplier of all content for CORPAK MedSystems (the UK arm of Halyard)
  • We are designing a new digital platform to give healthcare professionals across the world access to every training programme, document and piece of content
  • We are also designing all of the company’s new digital training programmes.


Our films are now being used by Health Trusts across the country in CPD training courses and introductions to PEG, RIG and nasogastric feeding tube placement – essential to any patient who’s unable to eat.

Also, patients and carers also now have their first ever film designed to improve their daily lives and understand the mechanisms of this equipment, in use by tens of thousands of people in the UK, and millions elsewhere.

The reaction has been incredible, and our aim is that these films will not only help to reduce the fear associated with these commonly used systems, but also to help hospital staff to save lives.

A word of warning: this film and the others on the CORPAK MedSystems UK website contain detailed medical images and procedures.