Howden Group Holdings (formerly Hyperion Insurance Group) is the leading independent international insurance group with employee-ownership at its heart.

We’ve been creating Hyperion’s key internal communications and event content since 2014.

That includes:

  • Corporate films and advertising
  • Regular updates to the company from the CEO and senior management
  • Hyperion’s global group event every year
  • Events covering specific issues for the wider insurance industry, including new systems, data and analytics, distribution, partnership and regulation

We have created dozens of films for Hyperion, guiding their messaging and content, as well as supporting their own internal design agency, training them to make their own videos to maximise their budgets, even when we are not involved in producing that content.

Hyperion, as with all of our clients, come back to Greenscreen because we offer them unrivalled expertise and flexibility, helping them to understand how to spend their money on content creation, and delivering the most impactful messaging and video anywhere in the insurance space.