Marketforce Business Media are a high level events business, bringing together the leading players and policy level decision makers to events across a wide range of sectors including financial services, utilities, technology, broadcasting and transport.


Since 2008, we have been instrumental in creating and maintaining the output and quality of their webinar business, a multi-million pounds live streaming service to large corporate clients. We launched their first virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have guided and presented all of their many hundreds of webinars and online events.


From an initial proposal, strategy and structure from us, Marketforce’s webinars have become extremely successful business discussions, watched by thousands of thought leaders worldwide. We script, present, film and produce them to this day – and also work with partners to stream them live, and with the London Stock Exchange media centre.

Our conference filming & production reaches a wider and less targeted audience than the webinars, guided by Marketforce’s own marketing team, using their website, social media, YouTube and Vimeo to add depth to event awareness and attract delegates and sponsorship for the following year.


You can watch a wide array of our content with Marketforce including conference clips, showreels and webinars at:


Marketforce webinars are now more successful in terms of reach and positive feedback than nearly any other event organiser in the UK. Tens of thousands of CEOs, CFOs have watched live alongside other senior people in dozens of industries, and we have always received high praise from viewers, which have always been rated as excellent or very good.

This has led to a surge in sales of places at Marketforce events, and made it possible to engage key audiences worldwide for events that they would not necessarily have been able to attend.

Crucially, sponsors including IBM, FIS Global, Monitise and Deloitte have returned repeatedly to support our unique broadcast-style webinars despite the relatively high cost that live streaming can sometimes incur, because the webinars have delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of sales to Marketforce, and in turn to their returning sponsors and panelists.