The Greenscreen team is made up of journalists, camera people, editors, writers and more – some of whom you’ll find on the Meet The Team page. Many of us have three things in common: the BBC, ITV and Sky.

At Sky, we have worked on the biggest stories and interviews, and decided how stories would run – either on Sky News, or Channel 5 (formerly operated by Sky).

Greenscreen has been an independent supplier of stories and people to Sky since 2005 – before it had become a fully functioning production house.

Our first independent story was for DEFRA and the British Antarctic Survey (you can find that by clicking here), but working directly with them we also covered 7/7 in London, were responsible for Consumer Affairs stories of all types, as well as crime, politics, entertainment and more.

Our work on air at Sky has helped to shaped key news and current affairs coverage since the early 2000s.