We were originally brought in to work with LEGOLAND through one of our PR clients, but they were so happy with the results that they asked us to become their video agency for PR and UK-based communications.


Since 2009 we have filmed a wide array of fun and interesting launches, special occasions, workshops, awards and promo films at LEGOLAND Windsor and their partners including Thorpe Park in Surrey.

Among the films, interview and presenting services we’ve provided, we’ve helped them to launch many millions of pounds of new attractions including Atlantis, Chima 4D, and the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel.


We’ve helped LEGOLAND to sell many tens of thousands of pounds of their new products, but the film below for the launch of their Resort Hotel produced 2000% ROI on the cost of the film within 2 weeks in click throughs from their Resort mini site – a staggering figure – but one that is quite common among our clients in the corporate, entertainment and charity sectors. Three years later, it still greets hundreds of guests every week as they walk through the doors to pick up their keys.

And before you leave, here’s what happened at the Chima 4D launch:

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