FIS Global




FIS are the largest financial technology company in the world.

We’ve worked with FIS since 2012 on a wide range of projects to promote and translate their work to the banks and payments industries.


Our work has included:

  • Multiple webinars covering data, customer experience, mobile, channel strategy and much more from the London Stock Exchange
  • Production with our secure business player to offer analytics-driven thought leadership to FIS’s clients worldwide
  • Chairing and producing content for a global banking and payments audience from their international client conference – which was highly praised and used to promote their innovative solutions to clients and new banking entrants in one of the most rapidly changing times for the banking and payments industry.



Greenscreen is the only independent content supplier that FIS trusts to provide a range of editorial, production and event services. Our work has been highly regarded, and after 3 years we continue to grow our relationship based completely on merit and results.

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