Van Ladhu is the developer of the Indexing Player, which is now a core part of Greenscreen’s services.

He creates innovative technologies for video and wider content delivery, including interactive online documentation, plus comprehensive analytics.

In addition, Van brings vast production experience to the communication of client messaging. He has more than 25 years’ experience as a senior video and TV editor in broadcast, across national and international news & current affairs, not least at the BBC, ITN and Reuters.

Now, Van brings his extensive knowledge to corporate communications – chiefly in the financial services sector – as a Technical Director of Content Delivery, and of course, the experienced producer of multimedia content.

The Indexing Player has been used successfully and is well established on many FTSE 100 companies’ online channels.

Now, in 2015, clients can have direct access to powerful analytics tools, and a secure login to generate leads straight from the player.

The player is fully explained by Lindley Gooden, here:

Presentation Video Still

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